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“Are you freaking kidding?!”

I’ve actually muttered these words aloud when I started seeing yet another new fad. This time it takes the form of a “Weight Loss Coffee,” and I’m not kidding, you can see for yourself here. As a health and fitness professional products and fads such as this one here are quite irksome for the fact that we genuinely care and are passionate about our jobs. My job is to help others seek improvement in their quality of life others through health and fitness using an evidence based approach. Unfortunately there aren’t any shortcuts to that road and products that promise the contrary do nothing but misinform people and move them further from being healthy.


Let’s break this particular fad down and see the picture for what it really is. Here’s the list of ingredients found in the “Super” coffee and notes of the ingredients:


  • Non GMO Dark Roast Coffee - Naturally contains caffeine, a stimulant and diuretic

  • Chlorogenic Acid - A food additive also known as Svetol. Possible laxative qualities.  

  • Garcinia Cambogia 95% - This ingredient has been promoted by Dr. OZ as a weight loss miracle although research shows little correlation with weight loss. Research has however linked this ingredient to liver damage.

  • Phaseolamin - a white bean extract known to delay the absorption of starch calories.

  • Cassiolamine - An extract from a legume. Not a lot of research behind this ingredient.

  • Green Tea 100:1 Extract - This ingredient is also known for its naturally occurring caffeine.

  • Ginseng 100:1 Extract - Ginseng has stimulant qualities and will interact with caffeine to increase heart rate and blood pressure. It’s generally advised to avoid mixing Ginseng with caffeine.

  • L-Carnitine with Chromium - An amino acid and mineral. Carnitine may have some health benefits with more research still necessary.


So in short what we really have is a double dose of caffeine, ginseng which shouldn’t be mixed with caffeine, something that may cause liver damage, and a bunch of other stuff that we’ve got no idea if they work or not.  Great!  and to top it off this product is only sold through multi-level marketing streams! Yay!


As I’ve mentioned  before, there are no shortcuts to being healthy. The only thing we know for sure is that you need to have a combination of a good healthy diet and lead a physically active lifestyle to reap the full benefits of being healthy. Only when you eat well and exercise can you curb the effects of health problems and aging. But that’s something that comes with time and slow gradual change.


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