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I have been going to the gym for the last eleven years of my life. In that time I have seen many types of people ranging from high school kids looking to learn about fitness to serious athletes training for their next competition. One thing I notice on a consistent basis is that many women tend to avoid using weights and focus on cardiovascular training more than anything. I’ve always been confused by this, maybe because of my background as a Personal Training student. Don’t get me wrong cardio is still good for you to do, it reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces cholesterol, and can help you be able to relax but in terms of getting a well-rounded workout it’s not enough.


There seems to be a trend with women I meet regarding resistance training and many have the fear that if they do it they will become ‘’bulky’’. I can see where they are coming from, many fitness models and body builders are quite fit and do have large amounts of muscle mass. However achieving and maintaining that state is difficult and if your someone who works a  9 to 5 job and can only spend a couple of times a week in a gym it’s not likely to happen to you anytime soon. Also despite the fact that women can bulk up quite a lot it’s rare for it to actually happen as women have way more estrogen than men. Then again there are plenty of other reasons some women might not commit to resistance training. Some aren’t sure what to do, some might be trying to avoid injury, or some might even believe some myth that’s abound (common reasons for a lot of people actually, but still).


If you’re unsure of how to use weights that’s alright, we’ve all been new to using barbells and dumbbells before. Everyone has to start somewhere even if you’re doing something as simple as watching someone else do something and trying to mimic it. Granted it may not be the greatest way to learn but it’s a start. If you’re willing to spend the money though you can hire a personal trainer for some sessions and ask them to take you through some exercises and how to set up something for yourself. Even if it’s just learning the basics it can be money well spent for years of physical fitness and good health in later years.


Maybe you’ve bought it in to the myth that you might get bulky, it’s understandable if a false notion in the sense that it’s very difficult to achieve and maintain. Therefore it’s not really something to worry about, while it is true that men and women it terms of lower body strength are quite similar in our upper bodies there is quite a difference. It’s not just a plain physical difference it’s a hormonal one that is quite apparent. Women naturally have more estrogen than men and in the play of hormones it means that they won’t build as much muscles tissue as men would when doing resistance training in the gym. In fact in terms of women doing that kind of exercise when pre menopause can help reduce the risk of breast cancer and help alleviate other issues which can develop in later years.


Speaking of myths, they are EVERYWHERE! I guarantee that you on any health and fitness magazine there is at least 2 copies in the magazine stand that says ‘’x number of myths busted!’’. While it’s good of those respective magazines to offer to bust some myths for the general public the other advice in them may not always be the greatest. I know as well that there are a lot of myths surrounding fitness for women and if you ever have any questions ask a trainer. We are always happy to help and would prefer that people have the right knowledge to achieve their personal fitness goals.


What I’m trying to get at in the end is this. It’s easy to see why women would want to avoid weights, maybe you don’t know how to use them properly, or maybe you believe that you might ‘’bulk up’’, or maybe some myth has gotten into someone’s head. However doing resistance training can bring a whole world of benefits to you and others. If you’re ever unsure of how to use them, ask a friend or hire a trainer for a few sessions to show you what to do. Either way give it a try, be careful, and most importantly have fun with it!

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