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Until next Ahh goblet squats, a fantastic exercise with a eureka type of beginning.


I've always liked goblet squats, started doing them myself some years back before I became a personal trainer. The exercise was invented by a man named Dan John who had 400 athletes who couldn't squat properly. He tried every variation and method he could think of and had some success with a zercher squat, but it didn't quite produce the results he was looking for. One day he held a weight between his legs, squatted down pushing his knees out and presto! He did a proper squat!


While there are other ways to teach proper squat technique I am only going to highlight goblet squats today. Some of the reasons I like them include,

-Easy to learn

-Easy to teach

-Most people can do them given proper teaching

-It can be added into a warmup and/or main resistance training program

-It's suitable for beginners and experienced lifters

-It still targets the same primary muscles that a back squat does  (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Glutes)


How to do them

Step 1) Hold preferred modality (i.e.. kettlebell, dumbbell, etc) against your chest and have your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2) Holding preferred modality flex the hips, knees, keeping the back straight while squatting down.

Step 3) Extend your hips and knees while still keeping your back straight while returning to the starting position.


If it's your first time doing these take care not to move too quickly when giving these a try. Getting the proper technique down first is most important and as seen above, it's not that difficult and you can use more than one type of modality. If you do them then keep at it! If not, try adding a couple of sets into your warm up and see what happens.


Until next time

Kelson Wohlers

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