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One question I get all the time is a variation of how do I workout without a gym or how do I do it on a budget. It's a fair and valid question considering current economic conditions, some people's personal preferences with exercise, and sometimes you just want exercise outside in the beautiful weather. I remember doing home workouts like crazy in my early 20's and had a lot of fun with them since there is tons of room for variety, especially if you are willing to get creative! Staying in shape doesn't need to be an expensive endeavor even if you have a gym membership and a lot of the tips can be used both in and out of the gym.


Tips for at home or outdoor workouts!


-Use multi joint exercises like push up variations, squat variations, lunge variations, different kinds of rows. Doing exercises that have so many variations to them and target multiple muscle groups at a time is a great way to save time and they can be done with or without weights.


-Find outdoor equipment like spare tires, playground monkey bars, a hammer (if you have one), and other things like that. I'm not saying do a jump over a spare tire to chin up to hammer swing, but having different types of equipment around that you either can find outside or at home can be a fun way to add some variety to whatever kind of workout you want to do.


-Stretch! There's more than one kind of stretching out there and you don't really need equipment to do it. You can do static stretching, dynamic stretching, and other kinds anywhere anytime and it's a great way to kind yourself limber. Give this a try as well even if it's just once. Stretch for 5-10 minutes an hour before you go to bed. It's an easy way to relax at the end of the night.


- Make a running or walking route or if you want to go trail running map one out. Doing cardio outdoors is a good way not only to get vitamin D but escape the monotony of indoor cardio (admit it, it bores you badly). Trail running is a run way to get cardio in due to varying terrain and always changing scenery and hey if you like photography it's a convenient way to look for some photo opportunities!


-Try shadow boxing, it's an fun way to do some cardio and can be done anywhere. Keep in mind it's not as intensive as running as it uses smaller muscles but it's still a great way to add some variety into your workouts. Try doing some for 30 seconds and resting again for 30 seconds, then repeat!


-Learn tons of core exercises. Core exercises don't need weight at all and are an important staple in anyones routines as it helps maintain proper posture and back health (among many other reasons). One easy way to go about it is to think of the basic ways the core moves and pick exercises for each movement like trunk flexion, trunk extension, trunk rotation, and trunk lateral (side) flexion. Just pick one for each and you should be alright.


Working out doesn't always have to be done in a gym and no matter where you are a workout can always be done. With some good planning you can take it anywhere in or out of a gym and these tips are a fun way to keep the exercises you do creative and fun. Besides, it doesn't need to be complicated and the best exercise routines are the one's kept most simple. So as always, have a great day and a great workout!

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