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Lower back pain, the scourge of modern society. It seems like it can be a minor nuisance yet it causes so many problems on a scale that costs everyone billions of dollars, lots of time, and a lot of complaining. Everyone has a solution it seems for lower back pain, the always infamous ‘’walk it off’’ (said every cliché sports coach), ignoring it (which never helps), taking drugs (which can help to a degree), or even my favorite and it has been proven on a number of occasions, exercise.


Despite all the solutions you can’t really solve a problem unless you understand the root cause of it. Now every case is different but most of the time it’s caused by one or some of the following.

-Bad technique

-Weak and tight posterior chain (i.e. hamstrings, glutes, hips,)

- Workplace injury

-Overuse of lifting muscles

- Medical issues

- Lifestyle choices like inactivity or sitting on a couch all day


I will admit I have had lower back pain before caused by various things like sitting in a desk all day, sitting on a couch, driving for too long, and workplace injuries. I have always found for me the most effective solution is exercise every single time. Working my lifting technique to a fault, strengthening my glutes, increasing my hip complex flexibility, and increasing my core stability were the solutions I found to work. I’ll provide a quick routine below to help get you back on track.


Planks Why) Planks help teach your spine to stay straight, they help increase core stability, and isometrically strengthen the glutes. How) Start on the floor on your stomach, forearms on the ground, elbows beneath shoulders, place your legs together with your feet on the ground, and lift yourself up keeping your whole body straight.

Sets) 2 Reps) 30 seconds (work your way up to or higher)


Glute hip extension Why) it strengthens the glutes, helps your keep your spine straight, and works the posterior chain which when weakened can cause pain. How) Start lying on your back, flex both knees with feet on the ground, arms spread out, extend your hips upwards until your spine is straight. Squeeze the glutes on the way up and contract your abs, slowly bring your hips back to the starting position.


Sets) 2 Reps) 30 seconds



Pigeon stretch

Why) it’s a deep glute stretch and can be done nearly anywhere provided you have the space. How) Sit on the ground, place on flexed leg in front of you and extend the other one behind you, keeping your hips as centered as possible stretch towards your flexed leg as much as possible.

Sets) 1 Time) 30 seconds



Basic hamstring stretch Why) tight hamstrings can lead to a lack of flexibility and doing this an help take pressure off the lower back. How) sit on the ground or a chair, place on leg in front of you, try and grab the foot. Use the hips to stretch forward.

Sets) 1 Time) 30 seconds


Keep in mind this routine isn’t meant to be done by itself but in tandem with whatever workout you are doing at the moment. Proper technique, focus on stabilizing and strengthening of the core muscles, and keeping active are the best ways to relieve lower back pain.

Have a great workout


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