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Stretching is something I've noticed is either a priority for some and an after thought for others. I've seen people do 30 minutes of stretching, yoga, or whatever they choose to do and then I've talked to others who tell me they can't spare a few minutes to stretch for, well, reasons. Now that aside there are a lot of great ways to increase your mobility and flexibility for whatever activity you want to do. I personally enjoy stretching, yoga, and other activities on a weekly basis and wanted to share with you some great ways to remain mobile! So for you the readers sake though I'll break it down so it isn't such a garbled mess to go through.


SMR or foam rolling

Foam rolling for me was one of my favorite activities to learn becoming a personal trainer. I currently own a rumble roller and a lacrosse ball I use on a regular basis. The way to do it is pretty simple. You select a body part (i.e.. the quads) and find a spot where you feel discomfort and HOLD for 30 seconds. The goal of this is to release fascial tissue that causes those ''sore spots''. It shouldn't be done quickly (i.e.. rolling fast back and forth) or for very long. Foam rolling a great as a warm up and cooldown activity for almost anything that you might be able to think of and it's an inexpensive DIY way of staying mobile.


Static stretching

The classic way to stretch. Everyone knows what it is and it's been around for YEARS. Coaches and trainers for decades have gotten athletes and clients to do it as apart of warm ups and cooldowns. You stretch a selected body part and hold it for 15-30 seconds per stretch. It's a great activity to do if you want to increase your passive range of motion or if your warming up for some aerobic or anaerobic activity. It's a great way to cooldown as well and I'll say now doing stretching is a great way to avoid future mobility issues.


PNF stretching

This one isn't done nearly as much as static stretching or foam rolling and given how it's done I'm not entirely surprised. The way it's done is you first select a muscle group such as the hamstrings, hold an isometric contraction (someone pushes against you while you push back maintaining that contraction without moving) for 5 seconds, release and then stretch that body part for 30 seconds. It's a fun activity to do with a partner and is effective but because of the partner assistance usually needed it isn't really common to see someone doing it. However it's a great way to increase your range of motion with large body parts and can serve as a great warm up or cooldown activity depending on what you are doing.


Dynamic stretching

This kind is always fun to do because of how many things you can do for dynamic stretching. It serves as a fantastic warm up activity and can be combined with other activities depending on what you want to do. It can help you prepare you for specific activities by increasing your body temperature, helping with nervous system activation, and increasing your mobility prepping you for whatever you are doing. The options for activities can vary greatly and don't have to be terribly complicated so you can choose things such as bodyweight squats, side lunges, or even jumping jacks just to name a few.


Now for putting it all together its fairly simple.

-Start with something passive and go to active activities

-Most people don't need to spend more than 5-10 minutes warming up or cooling down with these activities

-Have fun with it, it's boring to do the same thing for a super long time and can help increase your motivation to keep going to the gym.


I will be doing a part 3 on cardio in the future and I'm quite excited to bring it forth to everyone for their reading pleasure. If you have any questions we at Tight Assets are always available to take them and until part 3 comes out, keep calm and lift on!

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