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Cardio, the one dynamic activity everyone loves to hate on. Why? Because on average it can conjure up images of using a cardio machine doing slow long distance while staring at a wall and blanking out so badly that you aren't sure what year it is. Jokes aside cardio can be a activity that everyone can benefit from in one way or another and I want to go over some basic reasons to do cardio and some fun ways to go about it.


Why do cardio?

As with any physical activity people can have a wide ranging amount of reasons for doing cardio. Some people may want to look good, others may want to have a cost efficient way to stay fit, manage a chronic condition, or even train for an event. It's an activity that comes naturally to us from when we are kids and want to have fun all the way to our senior years and we just want to get around or stay fit. There are some universal benefits from doing cardio such as,

- Improved ability for your muscles to consume oxygen

- Improved body temperature regulation through faster ability to dissipate heat. (No need to adjust the temperature in your house eh?)

- Better body composition especially when mixed with resistance training.

- Cardio can be great for relieving anxiety and stress, so if you've had a long day at work try going for a run, bike ride, or go swimming.

- Can help with effective distribution of blood flow, which can be great for anyone trying to manage a chronic condition.

More and I daresay most importantly it can be a lot of fun!


How to go about cardio? What kind can I do?

Well apparel wise it's pretty straightforward, wear non restrictive clothing and a proper fitting pair of shoes. Actually doing it though, well thats another story.

Long, slow distance) Everyone knows what this is, even if you haven't heard of the name the concept is pretty obvious and the most commonly used for improving aerobic capacity. You can do it anywhere which is nice and personally I would recommend doing it outdoors 9 times out of 10. Because you get your vitamin D and it's not nearly as boring as doing it indoors on a cardio machine.

Interval training) It's a form of anaerobic training usually done by doing somewhat high or high bouts of cardio that can be done anywhere from 30s-2 minutes and can be used to improve speed endurance among other benefits. Again this can be done just about anywhere indoors and outdoors and can be done running, biking, and swimming.

Fartlek training) It's a Swedish term for ''speed play''. It's kind of like interval training only more random. You do random high intensity intervals based on how you feels during the session. You can adjust as needed and it's great for beginners to interval training as you don't rely on specified times or intensities so you can work your way to your fitness goals on your terms.


So that shows some straightforward ways to go about cardio and why to do it. It's also important to remember to fit the type you do with your goal. Don't try something because it's the cool thing to do, do it because it works for you.

That concludes my muscles in motion series, I hope you the readers enjoyed this. I'll probably be back at some point in the future to keep writing about all the fitness topics I can think of. If you have any requests for topics or questions don't hesitate to let us know!


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