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Push ups, it’s one of the first exercises we learned as kids and one of the first we abandoned as teenagers or adults entering the gym for the first time. Admit it, you did it. I know I did. Why was it abandoned? Well I wouldn’t confess to know everyone’s reasons but most people I have talked to were taken in by the marvelous bench press exercise. The one exercise that teenagers and enthusiastic gym goers use to express their strength and desire for results. The one many love to use as a test of strength.


But is it really the best exercise out there for your chest? Or even as a pushing exercise? Well depending on your goal and location for your workouts it may either be a go to or well, maybe it’s time to consider other options. I won’t spend my time bashing the bench press but I’d rather take a trip down memory lane with you to remember the push up and make a case for its return into your workout routine. Even if it’s only when no bench press is available. So let’s go shall we?


The push up is a classic exercise that targets the pectoralis major, deltoids, and triceps for primary muscle groups hit and involves the use of core stabilizing muscles to help keep your spine straight while your moving. There’s dozens of variations that can make changes to what muscle groups you are hitting, even if it’s only minor changes and you don’t need any equipment to do them. You can implement them into your warm up or do them as a part of your regular routine. It can be used in power training, muscular endurance training, or most types of training depending on how you implement it. Anyone from the first time gym goers to advanced trainees can benefit from push ups. Not to mention if you’re on the road or short for time it’s one exercise you know is reliable and can do right away.


There are some good reasons to do push ups. They’ve been done for thousands of years by many people and if it’s been done for that long, maybe it’s time to give it a revisit? Even if it’s only in your warm up you’ll still see some benefits. It’s your body, see how far you can push yourself! Happy lifting! Kelson

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