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Have you ever ridden a bike? I'm sure 99% of anyone reading this has ridden a bike, which brings up a question I have for the reader. What drew you to riding a bike? Was it your parents forcing you as a child to sit upon a bike with the training wheels and ride with them wherever they pleased? (Admit it, it’s a great memory) Or maybe you wanted to get from point A to point B? Or even just get some exercise?


Yet regardless of your reason it’s still a great modality for exercise and transportation no matter your age. You could be a teenager riding to a friend house or an adult riding to work and you’ll still get a great workout. Have you ever wondered why though and how you might incorporate that into your workouts at the gym? Well it may be even easier than you might think and the benefits are tremendous.


When you bike its aerobic benefits should be obvious, you are raising your heart rate and helping increase your aerobic endurance (Different things can be done depending on how you bike however). Its muscular benefits are tremendous like how it works your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves, it also works the upper body to a minor extent. So when you ride to work or anywhere really it would be quite useful to take this into consideration, especially if your one of the people who sits down after a ride and has trouble getting off the chair or couch (somewhat guilty of this). After you bike though try this, stretch out your quads, hamstrings, and glutes briefly as it takes less than 5 minutes and will leave you feeling a bit better after your ride.


In using this towards your gym activity give this a try. Say you’re doing weights first thing in the morning right? Do what you’re supposed to do (this is assuming your immediately biking to work or wherever) and get on the bike going to wherever your supposed to go. Once you’re at your destination stretch out as much as you can. Maybe you’ll get a weird look for stretching at work, maybe you won’t. But it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. If you’re doing it in the evening and you biked to the gym then you could skip a cardio portion of a warm up and focus on using a foam roller (pick about 2 or 3 sore spots) and dynamic movements to get started and rememberto stretch out after your workout. 


I hope this article helps you out with your fitness endeavors or even to help you just get off the couch after a long ride or even to relax in the evening. Either way I’ll leave you with this. Whether your bike is new and shiny or sitting in the garage collecting dust, give the thing a try. You’ll get a great workout while getting a round, now ride away!

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