Tale of the dumbbell and the dinner plate

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Being a personal fitness trainer means you’re involved in the health industry, being in the health industry means you’re asked a LOT of questions ranging from almost anything you can think of. One topic I get asked about all the time is dieting and my opinion on diets. Funny thing is I’ve known about various diets even before I got involved with the NAIT program years back and what I want to cover in today’s blog might just give you that extra edge in your training program.


Using a dumbbell and a dinner plate may seem totally different yet when we break it down it really can be similar. You might say ‘’well I can do a bench press with a dinner plate’’, well that may be true but doing an exercise requires good technique and depending on your goal you can alter the variables of a workout plan to a huge degree. With proper eating it’s not terribly different. Technique, discipline, and planning can go hand in hand with eating properly and can have a huge effect on whether or not you can achieve your goals. So let’s take a look at some diets and myths associated with dieting.


  1. Carbs are the devil!!


Ehhhhhhh not really. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of book covers, someone on some random talk show promoting some random diet, or even a maybe you’ve had a friend tell you something to this effect. Well if you’ve ignored this myth then I congratulate you and if not then I hate to break it to you but carbs like any other macronutrient are good for you and especially in terms of exercising. One basic reason that your body uses carbs first when you exercise and it’s one of the body’s main sources of energy. So if you need a pre workout meal go ahead and have some carbs. One other reason you can consume carbs is that yes there are a lot of people wrongly saying carbs are bad for you but any nutrient in excessive quantities such as fats or proteins are still going to harm you anyways.

2.   You can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise


As much as many of us might like this to be true (I may be one of them) it unfortunately isn’t. The saying we are what we eat is almost literally true and if we eat tons of junk food and consume high in sugar drinks then we will inevitably gain weight and you have to wonder. Would it really be a proper way to fuel the body to achieve a training goal or even for a training session?


Now for diets there are a really large range of diets. I almost guarantee that if you’ve thought of some way to diet someone else has as well or they’ve heard of some new fad diet. Dieting to me is personal and can be for many. When you first start one it’s exciting, new, and you want to keep going until you see what you want. Thing is though is that unless you stick to a diet for a while they will inevitably fail and you have to consider who is relaying their message to you. Now let’s take a look at a couple of diets.


  1. The Atkins diet

The Atkins diet this one has been around FOREVER! I guarantee that you’ve heard of it or something protein based like this one. This is a diet that preaches high protein and low carbs and I’ve read many testimonies of people who have tried it. Yes don’t get me wrong people have lost weight on this diet but we both have to ask is it really worth going through? Eating tons of meat and few carbs? One constant complaint people have is the constipation due to the low fiber in the diet and the rise in ketones when you really increase your protein intake like that, it gives bad breath.

2.   The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is one I have a modicum of respect for. Mediterranean food is delicious and think a lot of readers will agree with me on this. It’s also healthier than many out there as it to a point meets the Canada food guide guidelines and hey who doesn’t enjoy a bit of wine once in a while. There is some interesting research on this one such as its impact on cardiovascular health and effects on blood pressure. Yet like any other diet unless you are willing to stick with it the diet will fail.


My hope is that with this article it gives you a bit of an idea of what can be out there and who knows? Maybe a myth has been busted! Eating right doesn’t have to be terribly difficult and with a little creativity can even be a lot of fun. Remember that if you’re ever curious about eating right however, you can always consult the Canada food guide or ask a trainer as we do have some knowledge of this topic. If the trainer isn’t sure or if you have a question regarding the Canada food guide then you can always ask someone who specializes in this topic such as a dietician. Were all in this together and always willing to help out so remember you can have as much fun with a dinner plate as you do with the weights in the gym!




Here’s a few links just in case you’re interested in looking at some of the diets




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Being a personal fitness trainer means you’re involved in the health industry, being in the health industry means you’re asked a LOT of questions ranging from almost anything you can think of. One topic I get asked about all the time is dieting and my opinion on diets.

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