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You’ve probably noticed a fancy device that resemble a watch or bracelet being worn by friends and family lately. Perhaps you’ve got one on right now as you’re reading this blog. (Click Here to see our activity tracker contest) Well that piece of wearable technology is currently the hottest trend in the fitness industry. Wearable technology includes activity trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices. Since there’s a multitude of makes and models out there, and many of them with overlapping functions, it can be difficult to choose the device that’s best suited for you.


All these devices have one purpose in common. They are designed to either collect or display the data of your physical activity. Data is a useful tool to measure progress in your health and physical fitness. It can provide insight to your performance, training intensity, and be used to help you build more appropriate training programs. The devices will also keep you accountable by generating an annoying alert to remind you that you need to keep moving.


Shopping for wearable technology is very similar to shopping for a vehicle. Like vehicles, wearable devices have their strengths and weaknesses depending on makes and models. The best way to choose one that is right for you is to choose one that best suits your most dominant activity or perhaps one that collects the most relevant data for you. Some devices are made to be accurate for more rigorous activities while others aren’t. For example, if you are interested in your heart rate during rigorous activity you’d be better off with a device that comes with or has the ability to connect to a chest strap heart rate monitor rather than one that has a wrist based light sensor.  Research, research, research! That’s my biggest advice.


Now that you have a general idea of what these things are and what they’re meant for here are some links to some of devices that are on the market:














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