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Feel empowered and wanting more

I first met CJ at a Maximum Muscle drop in class when he was filling in for another instructor a few months back. His personality and enthusiasm is what made me think, "I need HIM as my trainer." 

I have been working with CJ now for about 4 months and it has been challenging as I became very ill and then was in a rather serious motor vehicle collision, but through it all CJ has been encouraging and patient with my recoveries.  

I have found CJ is not your typical trainer, he sees more in you than you do in yourself and he shows you what you are capable of. He pushes but in a motivational way that makes you feel empowered and wanting more out of yourself. In working with CJ, the belief in myself has increased drastically as well as my self-image and I feel as though I have been given a fresh start with my fitness.  

I would recommend CJ to anyone simply because he truly has a passion for his career and he wants the very best for every one of his clients.

Samantha Jones

World Class

CJ provides strength and conditioning training to my U18 Boys Impact Soccer team.  In past we used other local Edmonton area fitness providers and none of them come close to the instruction CJ provides at Servus Place.  The professionalism, organization and instruction is world class.  My players identified with CJ's training methodology immediately and they know top class instruction when they see it.  Training is never boring as he keeps it fresh and challenging. 

As an elite coach what I appreciate about CJ baker is his explanation of each exercise/movement, why they are doing it, and what results they will see proper execution.  This level of professional instruction shows me CJ fully understands the athletes’ needs and with this type of commitment the athletes know they will be successful if they commit to it!

I would without a doubt recommend CJ baker 100% to any sports team.  In my opinion, he is by far the best strength coach/trainer in the greater Edmonton area.

Jamie Rochat

Be the best version of yourself!

I have known CJ Baker for the past three years.  During this period I have looked to CJ as a key resource regarding strength, conditioning, and whole-body wellness.  I have had the opportunity to work with CJ both in large-group training sessions and individual personal training.  Regardless of the type of session CJ runs, you can be sure to receive personalized support and guidance.  CJ is acutely aware of the goals of his clients and he will support and empower those who train with him to allow them to attain those goals.  This is clear both in the programming and in the results that emerge after training with CJ.  

CJ's sessions are mindfully created and very purposeful in nature.  In each session you're aware of the plan and you're under constant observation to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury.  I love that CJ continually incorporates new movements into our workouts and adds increasing levels of difficulty to basic movements as clients progress.  He also doesn't shy away from the unconventional equipment which keeps his sessions fun.

I personally appreciate that he's so attentive to the differing needs of his clients.  He can be more nurturing with some, while more assertive with others (and anywhere in between).  Regardless of the approach used, it's always the right one for a given situation and exactly right for the client he's with.  I've worked with trainers in the past that have showed much less flexibility and can be quite aggressive.  I've never experienced this with CJ and always look forward to his classes.

CJ's training style always has an eye to functionality.  It's clear that he aims to achieve real-life benefits that help his clients to live and feel better, not just look a certain way.  He's helped me to shift into this mindset as well.  He loves to see a client build their abilities and accomplish something new.  Whether it's lifting a heavier weight or running a little bit faster, he celebrates those achievements right along with you.  This has caused me to put aside unhealthy preoccupations with weight and focus on new measures of wellness.  

I would recommend CJ Baker as a trainer for all of the above reasons and more.  You will get knowledgeable and attentive coaching from someone who wants you to be the best version of yourself.  Thank you for everything, CJ! 

Amanda Blaine

Back playing sports at 50

I have known CJ Baker for 6 months. In September, 2013, I registered for his “Last 10 Pounds” class and I have been working with him ever since. 

When I turned 50 I decided that I needed to make health and wellness a priority in my life. While I have always participated in various sports over the years, my increasingly sedentary lifestyle was catching up to me. In addition to the extra weight around the mid-section, my energy level, strength and flexibility were diminishing. This overall decline was not only noticeable when I engaged in sporadic athletic activities such as golf and cycling, but it was also noticeable as I went about my normal day-to-day activities. So I decided to take action and I enrolled in CJ’s class as a first step towards improving my health and fitness. 

I have appreciated CJ’s efforts in helping me to achieve most of my health and fitness goals. Every workout with CJ is high tempo, challenging and fun. He incorporates new movements and exercises and increases the difficulty as the sessions progress. CJ is mindful of the goals of his students and incorporates the proper mix of encouragement, discipline and humour into his sessions. He is a stickler for detail and monitors his students carefully during the workout sessions insisting that the movements be performed properly to ensure both safety and maximum results. 

CJ is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. In every class he seems to introduce either new or different versions of previous exercises. The result is that there is always something different and interesting to learn and try and his classes are therefore never boring or “routine”. 

There is also a nutrition component to CJ’s classes as good eating habits are essential to achieving your weight and fitness goals. I have appreciated CJ’s input on nutrition and have made some modest changes to my eating habits which, when combined with regular attendance at CJ’s fitness classes, has resulted in the achievement of my desired weight relatively quickly and without resort to dangerous or fad diet programs. 

The improvements I have made over a relatively short period of time with respect to weight loss (25 pounds) together with increased strength, endurance, flexibility and overall wellness has been amazing. I am back to playing squash and soccer after I thought I was done with those sports forever. 

I would highly recommend CJ to help you reach your health and wellness goals. 

Fausto Franceschi