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"Push you to the best version of yourself."

Kelson helped me reach my goal and I'll be always proud of both of us for it. With his help I've completed my first 200 km road bike ride. He was there with me from the beggining showing me how to get stronger legs, better cardio and an exceptional posture on my bike. He gathered some great excercices and came up with some new one when I pinpointed some areas that I wasn't comfortable with yet. He knows how to listen to your needs and push you to the best version of yourself. I would recommend him to anyone I know. Thanks again!

Marilene Do

Kelson is Great!

It was really great to work with Kelson. He listens to your goals and creates a program that will kick your butt, but make you smile at the same time. Kelson taught me valuable lessons about what my body can do if I put my mind to it. I would recommend Kelson to anyone. 

Alyssa Conners

Confidence booster

I had some self esteem issues so I decided I needed help, when I contacted Kelson he was immediately helpful. He made a training schedule that was goal orientated, fit my schedule and helped me realize my potenital.

Steven Hamagami

Injury free finally!

In the months I worked with Kelson he helped me recover from a nagging injury and improve my overall fitness. My posture is better and I feel more flexible. Also I had no idea how great foam rollers were until he showed me how to use them!

Christa Litviak