Group and Corporate Training

Small Group Training:

Do you want to work out with a friend, family or your significant other?

Have the benefit of personal training with a reduced per person cost. There’s nothing like working together with a group of people determined to reach the same destination and conquering the obstacles as one. As long as your goals are similar we can get you playing together and achieving greatness. 

Book for a consultation now! We’ll take groups of 2 or more.


Corporate Training:

We offer a range of consulting services for the corporate environment. Looking to stage an event in your office? We’ll do that for you. We can do everything from running information presentation and seminars, to something more active like group classes, or work shops in various facets of fitness. Our trainers are knowledgeable and can cover a wide range of topics such as, nutrition, ergonomics, being active, injury management and much more. Invite us to your office and we’ll help you keep your workers happy, injury and above all more productive.

Please contact us at to find out what we can do to suit your company’s corporate wellness needs.