Black, Lana

Every woman worries about getting old…about looking like the old people they see in stores. Every woman wants to be different, but doesn’t always follow the path to BE DIFFERENT. I found that path 5 years ago and embraced it!

I was 53. Metabolism had slowed with menopause and as I sat back and did nothing, the few pounds became 25 lbs. I had read that weight training was very good for a woman’s metabolism, so I hired CJ as my personal trainer and thus began my journey.

Within the first 3 months I was down 15 lbs and 11 inches. I continued being diligent about 5 days a week of weight training programs and combined that with daily food management. I can’t say that being limited to one glass of wine a week was FUN, but I do know success doesn’t come without some sacrifices. And I wanted this BAD!!

I am so PROUD of the 25 pounds and 14 inches I lost within 8 months!!! I was so PROUD of myself the day I was able to do a conventional deadlift with 110lb. Never thought I would see me lifting that kind of weight!!  And doing a press with the 45 lbs barbell WITH ACTUAL WEIGHTS added to it! LOL Not in my mid 50’s ...Wow! Then, I not only impressed myself, but also the guys doing our reno, by lifting 50-pound packages of floor tiles as easily as the flooring guys here to do the job!! And not just lift them, but CARRY them from the truck into the house! I LOVE the definition in my muscles. And I LOVE my strength when doing activities around the house and in the garden.

I still continue my workouts 5 days a week. I continue to log my foods (although some days not as diligent as I should) because my success was not just the day that scale hit the magic number. My success is continuing to embrace the lifestyle I chose 5 years ago, and MAINTAINING what I achieved. At 58, I am PROUD of the shape I am in. PROUD of my level of fitness, even when compared to women 10 years younger. PROUD that I haven’t let MYSELF down and gained back that weight. My doctors are impressed that I have managed to maintain my bone density at a healthy level, especially since women LOSE bone density as we age. I can attribute THIS to weight lifting.

Best of all, I asked CJ for ‘Michelle Obama’ arms and got them!!  LOL


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