Campbell, Patrizia

Starting Weight: 230lbs

Todays Weight (after 19 months): 170lbs

I didn't start out with the intention to lose weight, and I still do it 90% for my mental health. The physical benefits are just a great bonus.

I was struggling with a bout of depression that I just couldn't kick, and with trying some different medications, I gained a lot of weight very quickly. I was able to get some help and support with the depression and when i finally reached the other side of it and be mentally strong, I was able to then start focusing on being physically strong. Plus breaking a sweat was awesome for dealing with stress and anxiety.

I started walking on my short breaks and lunch breaks at work. That lead to running at lunch, then workouts on the treadmill at home and weights/body weight exercise at work. I made a goal for myself that I would do something active everyday, no matter how small and have been consistently doing something since February 2017. Then I started group personal training with Andy and was really able to focus on some incremental goals and see changes in my body and my ability to do more. That first session with him was challenging, but I was so ready for it.

I remember trying to go back to a spin class after not doing it for a year, and i had to leave half way through. Now I can last and go as often as I can.

Thanks for being awesome, Andy, and helping me become me again.


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