Fry, Dave

Unlike CJ I am not a fitness guru. I do however have a lot of experience from the school of hard knocks. I have been fortunate enough to make fitness a part of my life for the last 20 years or so. I truly believe that fitness should not be a fad or even a goal , it should be part of your life. It does not have to be an expensive gym membership or training to be an elite athlete. It needs to be something you enjoy and look forward to. It does not have to be set to a rigid schedule that sets you up for failure. Modern life is very hectic and in a constant state of flux. Your exercise schedule needs to be flexible to be permanent. Sometimes the secret to success is inconsistency, one work out this week and four next week.

My job involves a lot of travel so my workouts vary from hotel stairs, to chin ups and squats in kids playgrounds, to hiking mountains. I have no intentions of Olympic glory or Mr Olympia fame. I do however love the post workout high. I love the physical relief of all tension and the mental break that exercise gives from every day life.

The medical benefits of fitness are well proven and I have some personal experience to prove it. Years ago I had an unfortunate encounter with a virus in my heart and a couple years after that my only serious sports injury of torn shoulder tendons. In both instances there is zero doubt that being physically fit sped up the recovery process.

Kids can easily be included in workouts. They love it when Mom or Dad do pushups or squats with them on their back. Turkish get ups are awesome with small children. You even have the benefits of progress as the children get older and heavier!

Financial gurus tell you to pay yourself first. I think the same applies to fitness, make the time and reap the rewards.


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