Huber, Janice

I was referred to Andy because I was trying to lose weight and my workouts at the gym were struggling due to me feeling achy and sore.  Although I was exercising regularly, I felt like I needed some guidance to ensure proper technique and some new workout routines.

From the start, I have found that Andy listens to my concerns and wants to know my goals. He is very knowledgeable and I am impressed that he knows just what to work on if I am feeling sore in an area. 

His professionalism, easy-going personality and his commitment to help me reach my goals is the encouragement I needed for me to push my limits and be confident that I can do anything.

I have had great results since I began personal training with Andy.  Not only has my flexibility, strength and endurance improved, I have lost weight and feel great.  I recommend Andy to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness level and live a healthy lifestyle.


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