McRae, Calvin

Winston Churchill wrote "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

My name is Calvin McRae, I am twenty-two years young and I compete at the Olympic level in BMX Racing. The word “success” for me has changed throughout my years of competing. If I would have wrote this paragraph three years ago, I would've said success is winning every race and staying on top of the competition.

Starting my day off by accomplishing the small tasks like making my bed and eating a nourishing breakfast are some of the daily victories I use to set my body and mind to win over the day. It's the small victories that set the tone for the day and give me a sense of pride-this in turn propels me to push my body to the limits and remind myself that everyday is a success when you are able to chase your childhood dream no matter how tough it may be. Once I retire from my sport I don’t believe I’ll be looking back in regret that I didn’t win or qualify for a race. I’ll be looking back with pride knowing that I did everything possible to become the best version of myself. For me that is what I would call a success.

5X National BMX Champion

6X Western Canadian BMX Champion

7x Provincial Champion


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