Siddiqui, Owais

Like many people, I've often experienced ridicule and have been body shamed for my size. Unlike many, I was ridiculed for being extremely thin rather than overweight - let me say right now that no kind of body-shamimg is ever appropriate or acceptable. In any case, I've never considered myself either athletic or physically attractive (something I still often struggle with).

It wasn't until I was invited to a friend's wedding in Las Vegas that I considered, "let's get fit for the trip so that I don't feel so self-conscious while swimming in a pool", while on what was the first vacation I had taken in 5 years. I bought a gym-pass at the loal community recreation center, and scheduled a physical assessment, which was conducted by C.J. Baker.  At that time, I was roughly 118lbs. and around 13% bodyfat. After my physical assessment, C.J. explained to me where my strength and weaknesses are - but his focus wasn't on my physical image, but were mindful of my well being as a healthy individual.

C.J. got to the point, and elaborated on the concepts of "contentious training", how form follows function, and that health is the synchronicity of biological functions and NOT a visual esthetic. I took C.J.'s adivice in earnest; I concentrated on compound lifts and a clean diet (not a specific diet, just one that limited: sodium, sugar, low-density cholesterol) - complex carbs and calories, however, were beneficial for me. 

After adhering to C.J's advice, I went from being 118lbs. and 13% bodyfat, to 132lbs. and 7% bodyfat in a period  4 months (since then, my weight has stabilized to around 128lbs. and  roughly 11% bodyfat aprox.). 

What I learnt from C.J. is that all of us are capable of bringing about our sincere best, that we are responsible for our own health, and that (while in the pursuit of health) we should ever only strive to be better than who we were yesterday (and not compete with the others in the gym, who are also just fighting their own battles in the pursuit for self improvement).

All the best to you in your goals for health and self-improvement - you're all in good hands with C.J. Baker.


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