Andrew Do

NAIT- Personal Fitness Trainer, ACSM-Certified Exercise Physiologist, NASM-CES, CSEP- CPT

Everyone has the potential to be at the best they can be in mind, body, and in spirit. It is my passion to help you reach your health and fitness goals no matter how simple or seemingly impossible those desires may be. My job as a personal trainer is to help you embark on your journey to success through physical and mental means. Simply put, I am a coach at heart and I’ll do whatever it is in my power to make your dreams a reality while living vicariously through your successes. When you win, I also win.

If you plan to work with me, expect to be pushed to new limits and new heights all while being guided by the hand of compassion and determination to bring out bring out your best. I’ve worked with people of all ages, gender and sizes all with the common goal of being better. The only thing that matters in achieving success is your attitude. Your program will be completely customized to suit your specific needs, and so long as you come in with a smile and a great attitude, I’ll promise that you will achieve.

CJ Baker

BSc. Kinesiology, NSCA- CSCS, TRX- Group Suspension Training Instructor, Agatsu-Joint Mobility Instructor

I am a strength-and-conditioning coach as well as a personal trainer. I have worked with people from a wide range of occupations, backgrounds, and generations (age 9 to 95). I always push my clients and athletes to create a “better version of themselves.” Whether you are looking to get rid of aches and pains, gain more flexibility and joint mobility, increase your strength, improve your speed, build muscle, or burn fat, I will tailor a program to meet your specific needs and coach you to achieve your goals.

Josh Armstrong


Josh started in the industry as a trainer in 2008 at Goodlife Fitness. After a few years, he opened his own company called Armstrong Sport Conditioning where he trained athletes like weekend warriors, weightless, hypertrophy, injury prevention and hockey specific athletes of all ages. Josh has had a lot of experience working in the fitness industry for fitness models preparing for competitions or magazines to working with the former Head Strength and Conditioning coach of the Vancouver Canucks for the past 2 years. Josh has a lot of knowledge within the hockey industry working with Vancouver, and San Jose of the NHL to working in the QMJHL with Moncton wildcats . Aside from being a trainer at Tight Assets Josh also is the Head Athletic Trainer & Equipment Manager of the Sherwood Park Crusaders AJHL Hockey Club, where his role is a wide range from equipment management to injury prevention & rehabilitation, prophylactic taping, emergency response situations, concussion management and strength and conditioning. Aside from hockey specific, Josh was a Fitness model for 2 years in Toronto at Max Modeling agency, being in fitness competitions he placed second in Montreal and 3rd in Moncton and have written articles in magazine as well the “Guy of The Month” magazine add. Josh has a wide variety of training alternatives based on the client’s goals, injuries etc., He is an advocate of functional movement patterns, that make it fun and challenging,keeping the client engaged so it becomes fun to come to the gym each and every day.

Areas of expertise:
Hockey Specific Training
Functional Movement Training
Injury Prevention
Weight loss

Bachelor of Health Science
Masters of Exercise Science ( current)
Personal Training Diploma Eastern College
Twist Conditioning Functional Performance Coach
Twist Conditioning Sport Performance Coach
Canadian Fitness Professional Trainer Specialist
Canadian Fitness Professional Nutrition Wellness Specialist
SMCA Sports Trainer (Athletic injury management & Sport Taping)
Trigger Point Myofasical Techniques
Trigger Point Level 1
Sports First Responders
Canadian Athletic Therapy Association Candidate

Julia Kim

BPE, CSEP-CEP, Yoga Intsructor

Julia believes that all fitness goals can be achieved at any stage of life, all it takes is the right attitude and a good coach. Do you have a goal in mind?  Kathy is an exceptional coach with experience in designing programs for corrective exercise, weight loss, and therapeutic exercises. With a background in Yoga, she also incorporates yoga into her personal training programs to help achieve your goal. So if you're looking to be in better shape, or if simply want to feel better, let Kathy be your guide.  It’s not easy but it can be DONE!

Kelson Wohlers

CSEP - CPT, NAIT - Personal Fitness Trainer

My name is Kelson Wohlers. I am a certified personal fitness trainer through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. I've always had a passion for health and fitness and have hobbies ranging such as trail running, wrestling and obstacle courses.


I've worked with all kinds of clients ranging from people who have never used a gym before, athletes wanting that extra edge in their game, people who want to lose weight, and everything inbetween.


Your goals are my goals and I will help you exceed them.







Rick Kowalchuk


I spent a large part of my youth being involved with organized sports such as soccer, swimming, and running.  This involvement inspired me to obtain my Physical Education degree which I have built on to become a Certified Exercise Physiologist.

My exercise background and education has lead me to the philosophy that everyone can benefit psychologically and physically from a regular fitness training program.  Consequently, I have built a variety of intense interval training systems into my everyday life that I adhere to in conjunction with Jiujitsu training and other various sport involvement.

My future aspirations are to continually build on my exercise related knowledge and further challenge myself physically and psychologically to achieve greater sporting accomplishment.

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Tue, 12/05/2017 - 18:18
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​The guns, the cannons, the pythons, there are so many names for your arms when you work out. Everyone I know has enjoyed doing an arms workout at some point in time, it’s satisfying to see your arms grow and to feel stronger.

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 16:43
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Fall is upon us and what better time to start to start getting outside for a run? It isn't too hot and it isn't too cold, yet no matter what time of year there are always good tips to adhere to. Outdoor runs can be a bit more challenging than running indoors on a treadmill.

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At one time or another, all of us have fallen off of the proverbial ‘horse’ in terms of our health and fitness goals. It can take a considerable amount of discipline and dedication to stick to a nutrition plan or training program.

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 13:07
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The gluten free diet is one of the most popular diets out there right now. It's main purpose is to help treat people with celiacs disease (such as myself) and anyone else who may have an issue with gluten and it has become much bigger in the last 20 years.